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Online Presence Newsletter

Actionable Tips and Tricks for Online Presence

Within this newsletter, you will get actionable tips that you can start implementing in your Online presence strategy right away.

I believe in learning through implementation, which is why I want to always include the best actionable tips in my newsletter, which you can also read in my articles on website.

This newsletter is a way for you to keep up your professionalism up to date through the newest insight in the fast-moving trends in online presence. And through a collective and professional knowledge database, we can learn the best methods as they come online.

Online Presence

Insight in to Online Presence strategy for individuals and Businesses

Getting insight regularly on how to better your effective online presence through the lens of someone going through the same obstacles every day can be beneficial.

As I provide my services in building an effective online presence, I want to share my journey to my newsletter subscribers as well, and I want to encourage others to do it as well, to build a community of online business owners and professionals sharing their stories.

No matter what stage your online presence is in or your level of expertise, I believe everyone can contribute with different perspectives that are beneficial for us and all of our subscribers.

Community-driven and Subscriber Highlights

As a community-driven newsletter, I want to highlight your business, your methods to collectively improve every subscriber’s online presence strategies. You will have a chance to feature your business and it’s products when they are relevant or with a story that can help others find business success.

Share your interesting articles, websites, products, or anything you’d like to share with our subscribers and us. We are always on the lookout for exciting and relevant topics that can elevate anyone’s business further!

Community-driven Newsletter and Subscriber Highlights​
Optimise online presence with use of free/paid tools​

Optimise online presence with use of free/paid tools

I understand that most of us are not very tech savvy, busy in personal and professional life, and do not have enough requirement to hire someone to maintain your online presence.

To help you in this situation, we will discuss tools which can help you when required, Some examples of these tools may include:
→ Graphic design tools like canvas, Adobe Spark, crello etc.
→ No code website development like WordPress, wix, e-commerce platforms like shopify.
→ Productivity tools like notion, google workspace, Microsoft suite, grammarly etc.
→ Collaboration tools like slack, discord, zoom, Meeting scheduling tools like calendly.

These are just few examples, I would also highlight how our community members are using these tools in day to day life.

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