Web Design and Development Process

This process has been fine-tuned over many years to create a synergism between each of the moving parts, ensuring every thing that is involved are delightful and impactful


Discovery phase or initial research is a process that takes place before kicking off project development. It is focused on identifying your target audience, their problems, and needs. In the discovery phase, you test your idea against the reality of solving problems and meeting expectations of the users.


The planning phase of project management determines how smoothly your projects move through the life cycle, which is why it's so important to spend some time at the beginning of a project and get your planning right.

Project planning communicates deliverables, timing and schedules, along with roles and responsibilities. During the planning phase of a project,We usually go through potential risks and hang-ups that could occur during the project.


Writing for the web has its own set of rules. We empower you to create your own content by creating a content strategy guide that assists you and your team in developing new content that is on brand and web appropriate. We also provide content creation if you'd like for us to do the heavy lifting.

We work together to shape messaging that not only informs, but injects your brand with personality and purpose while increasing SEO.


The prototype stage is when you create a model designed to solve consumers' problems or validate ideas you can test in the next stage of the process. The prototype, should be quick, cheap and easy. Why? Because it only needs to be functional enough for users to handle or explore it, but not so expensive or timely that it becomes a massive undertaking.

Our collaborative design process is completely transparent, allowing you to provide feedback while designers implement changes in real time.


We utilize modern, powerful technology that has been developed to fit your needs and designed with your audience in mind.

We rely on the latest and greatest in programming languages, as any good web design company should, specializing in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. Some of our favourite frameworks include WordPress, Vue JS and Laravel.


It is another routine part of the web development process. Every page and link are tested before launching the site to make sure nothing is broken. Check every form, script, and run spelling check software so as to find possible typing errors.

Rest assured that your product has been through rigorous, comprehensive testing and provides an experience that is intuitive, accurate and accessible.


We want your product to make your life easier and your customers happier. We provide instructional videos and manuals, and offer training as part of our process, and are available to help with any questions you have via phone and email.

Support and maintenance services

The relationship between a professional and their clients should not end with the launch of a product. We ensure that your product continues working for you, connecting you with secure hosting, and providing data backups, speed tests, broken link checks, and security scans to ensure everything is running smoothly. We also monitor your website's traffic and optimize your SEO with your performance metrics in mind.