Why should you always ask for website maintenance package?

Website maintenance

By maintaining your website, it will increase its positioning in search engines, such as Google or Bing, as well as visits and sales for your company from the Internet. Discover all its benefits and how to achieve it!

Website maintenance is an important yet not an urgent task on most people’s to-do list. So when one keeps postponing it, it may become an urgent and time-consuming task.

What Does WordPress Website Maintenance means?

When we buy something new, we want to keep it, keep it and work smoothly to get all its benefits, right? A car, a house, a mobile phone.

The same thing happens in our business with the assets that our company has: offices and facilities, computers and electrical devices, company vehicles, production machinery, advertising media, etc. You get the idea, right?

Well, exactly the same thing happens with web pages; Nowadays nobody doubts the need to maintain any web page, through a periodic web maintenance service.

A web page is never finished, It must continually be maintained, updated and improved to provide an effective response at all times to any visit that may lead to a phone call, a sale and a customer.

Because, whatever your company may be and it belongs to any sector, you cannot deny that, if you want to have options for a visit to your website to return, contact your company, and end up buying your product or service, you will have to give them several reasons of more weight than your competition, right?

Through your website, you must offer information about your company as well as your products and services. That is clear, right? But if, in addition, you offer the visitor an experience tailored to their needs, with quality content, fresh and frequently updated, we will achieve, apart from a better positioning in Google, convince them, return, end up contacting your company and end up becoming a client.

What is the Need of Website Maintenance?

Each company is a world, with its own needs and business objectives according to its Internet strategy, but the most common needs when it comes to maintaining the website tend to be:

  • Update the website and its contents: news, blog articles, changes in company data, photos, offers, and promotions, etc.
  • Technically maintain the website and integrate new technologies and functions.
  • Correct common possible errors on the wordpress website, such as  504 Gateway Timeout, 404 Page Not Found error, 500 Internal Server Error, Logout Error in WordPress, 503 Service Unavailable Error, WP Mail SMTP Not Working, Error Establishing a Database Connection & many more.
  •  Performing the backup.
  • Shield your website and install protection to protect your website from hack attacks and virus.
  • SEO Audit the website at the level of web accessibility and usability since wordpress security & SEO work in co-relation.
  • Proactive technical support for smooth running of your site and technical advice on any customer questions and problems.

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist

This checklist provides you with a list of essential tasks that are performed as part of the Maintenance Service to ensure that your site is up-to-date and performs optimally at all times. This procedure results in an improvement in your site for the visit of your users and search engines, it also ensures that your site is constantly monitored and that it is safe from all malicious attacks that “swarm” around the network.

Uptime : Verification that the site is working. If uptime is crucial, you can enable SMS notifications from monitoring services like Uptime Robot, WordPress Monitoring Plugin, or Super Monitoring.

Back Up : Verify that your Backup service provider has made the daily backup of the WordPress database and files.

Security Update : We monitor the security of the website by generating an email with a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly status report according to customer specifications.

Comment Moderation : We inform you of any comments in your moderation queue and remind you to check your spam list for false positives. If you get a lot of feedback, you should do this daily.

Update : Update WordPress along with its plugins and template if new versions are available.

Malware Scan : Scan your site for any infected files or malware.

Visual Inspection : We visually inspect your website and check for design or formatting issues in different web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. We view your site from a mobile device and a tablet to make sure it looks good and responds well.

Verify Backup : We make sure your backup files go where they are intended and are ready in case you need a restore. You don’t want to find out that your backup strategy breaks the day you need it most!

Analytics : We are logged into Google Analytics and we generate an report for you to be informed.

Change Password : We proceed to change the password of the administrative area with a prior report and consent on your part and we request a password change to the other
users if there are any. Ideally, make it difficult for hackers and use strong passwords.

Minimize administrator user : We remove unnecessary users in addition to the administrator (and we delete the default administrator username). Hacked administrator accounts can cause the most damage to your site, so we minimize their number.

Remove unused plugin and theme : We disable and/or remove all unnecessary plugins and themes. Unnecessary plugins increase the overhead of your website and the risk of vulnerabilities.

Delete Unnecessary Files : Website clutter can hide vulnerabilities. We search for unnecessary files in your wp-content folder and browse through your media library to remove any unnecessary images, videos and audio files. We make a backup before deleting anything!

Identify Broken Links : You don’t want your visitors to receive a “Page not found” error when clicking on a link. We find any broken links using link verification tools like Broken Link Checker or Link Checker.

Verify Contact form : We verify your form automatically by sending a message using the contact form on your website and making sure you receive it.

Optimize your database : We delete unnecessary elements from the database. Then we optimize your database by executing.

Speed Audit : We use Pingdom or Google PageSpeed ​​Insights to see how fast your site loads. If it takes more than five seconds, we inform you to consider expanding caching and other measures to speed up your site. Slow sites lose visitors and search rankings.

Review Pages : Update pages and verify that anything needs to be updated such as your contact details, profile picture, mission statement, testimonials etc.

Template and Plugin : We are looking for new plugins that exceed the ones you are currently using. We check if your widgets work correctly and if they are the right ones for your needs.

Impartial review of your site : We carry it out by someone from our team who is impartial and does not know your website. Explore your website to find problems we have overlooked.

Update global data : Like the copyright date in your footer.

Webmaster Tools : With Google Webmaster Tools we analyze the website to find and resolve error messages.

Why Should You Hire me for Maintaining Your Website Today?

There are huge gains that come from keeping a website well-maintained. Perhaps after reading all this, you are still wondering about the real benefits for your company and why hire a professional to maintain the website. Can be? In that case, we remind you:

  • You will save money, it is much more expensive to hire someone on staff, even part-time, than the price of maintaining and updating the website that a specialized professional can request.
  • You will save more money since you do not have to buy computers, programs, or licenses to do these tasks.
  • You will save space in the office, since all the work is done remotely.
  • You will save time; in this way, you can focus on your work and tasks without wasting time “fighting” with your website.
  • You will save headaches; Because, without knowledge or experience in updating the website, it can cause more than one.
  • And you will earn, you will earn a lot: more visibility on the Internet, more visits from potential customers, more sales, more return on investment, etc.

Other Types of Maintenance: Hosting, Email, and Domains

It happens very often that some clients hire not because they need to maintain the website, but because they maintain everything related to hosting, emails and domains. Managing all this requires technical knowledge and for a business or company, there is nothing more comfortable than delegating it to a professional to take care of it all.

I offer WordPress maintenance services and make sure that the website is in the best possible conditions. We do the same with email accounts and domain management.

In the end, what a company or business needs is support, someone to trust who will take care of all the technical aspects related to the Internet.


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