Which Web Hosting plan is best for hosting your Website?

Hostinger is a web hosting company with a mission to help everyone who goes online succeed. They accomplish this by continuously developing server technology, giving expert assistance, and ensuring a flawless online website hosting experience.

In this article, I would like to highlight some of the differentiating features of Hostinger’s Business web Hosting Plan.

Cloudflare Protection

Shield your DNS infrastructure from DDoS attacks. Cloudflare DNS Firewall protects our Nameservers, and it has the same DDoS protection that has mitigated some of the largest DDoS attacks to date. When malicious traffic is aimed at our origin nameservers, Cloudflare’s DDoS protection reroutes that traffic and absorbs it across global networks. That means your website will be available and traffic continues to flow, even when your origin nameservers are compromised.

Monthly Visit

This number shows the approximate traffic your websites can handle. You should choose your web hosting plan according to how many visitors you’re planning to reach. It is merely a point of reference rather than a restriction, and it depends on the website’s resource usage and optimization.

WordPress Staging tool

With the WordPress staging feature, you can clone your whole production site into a subfolder. From theme updates to plug-in installations, make any changes you need without disrupting the live version of your website.

Currently staging site to production migration is not automated

Daily Backup

Protect your website’s data from accidents. They keep daily backups of the last 7 days and weekly backups of the last 7 weeks. A full backup restore is the fastest way to restore your site and limit the effects of website downtime on your site traffic.

Having backup integrated into Hosting is a great option if you do not have any premium backup for your website.

Email Hosting

Create up to 100 domain-based email addresses and forwarders at no cost. This feature comes with a friendly webmail interface where you can manage your accounts, create forwarders, autoresponders, and more. With this plan, you get a separate email service storage limit of 1GB per mailbox.

Once you are ready for an upgrade, I would recommend having premium Email service from ZOHO, Google, or Microsoft.

Apart from these Major features hostinger also provides basic features like Free SSL , Free Domain , 200 GB SSD etc

You can find a lot of hosting plans with stripped-down services at very low rates. Those platforms and plans are great options for learning and hobby projects. But for a Business/Professional website, always choose a hosting package that includes necessary services.

At the time of writing this article Hostinger is providing this feature-packed plan at a very attractive price of Rs 5508.24 after taxes.

Once your Business requirement goes up you can always upgrade to VPS or cloud Hosting plans of Hostinger or of competitive providers.


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