What is the difference between Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing?

In the world of social media, there are two kinds of visibility: earned and paid.

Earned visibility is what happens when people on social media share your content, without you paying them for it or receiving anything in return from you or a third party. If someone shares one of your posts on Twitter and their followers click through to read it, that’s earned visibility!

Paid visibility is what you get when you pay for it. So if you’re posting on Facebook and have a business page, you’ll pay for ads on Facebook’s platform—and those ads will appear above your organic content in users’ feeds. This will make your business more visible to people who aren’t already following you.

Social media management focuses on earned visibility, whereas social media marketing focuses on paid visibility.

In this article, we will be talking about what does social media management and social media marketing mean, the benefits and problems associated with each, and ultimately, and how to make your business more visible.

What is Social Media Management?

Social media management is the process of managing accounts on social media platforms. It entails creating informative and engaging content for your social media, as well as keeping the ones you already have engaged. The aim is to attract your desired audience.

Social media provides you with the tools and information to help you manage your page and audience better. It also allows you have access to analytics that helps you monitor your progress and tell you what you need to improve on. Lastly, it enables you to conduct comprehensive competitors’ research. All these work comes under Social Media Management.

Pros of Social Media Management

1. Increase in Brand awareness

People become more aware of your brand when they see your content on regular basis. The more valuable the content, the more people will remember your brand.

2. More engagement

When you post content that is useful for audience, then there is more chance of engagement from the audience in form of likes, comments, etc.

3. Conversion and sales increase

As more and more people engage with your brand there is higher chance of conversion and sales to increase accordingly.

4. Increase in Brand Credibility

When you give valuable information for your audience for free and engage with your audience on regular basis then slowly but steadily your brad gets more credible.

Cons of Social Media Management

1. Takes long time

Though social media management is very beneficial. But the process takes a long time. From creation of content, publishing them and later engaging with audience to make use of the collected data all these process takes time.

2. Slow community growth

Building community takes time through any method and social media management is no different. Growth is often organic and slow. It starts to grow as more and more people join and share content created by you.

3. It takes longer to build a brand reputation

The content you create, brings the audience that are most likely to be interested in your content. Depending upon the value that you can provide to your audience and the type of engagement you do with your audience, will build the brand reputation accordingly. This whole process is gradual and happen over period of time.

4. Sales are slower.

Since the main purpose of social media management is to build community and build rapport with audience. The audience is not often targeted with content based on sales need. Therefore the sales are slower as compared to marketing.

What is Social media Marketing?

Social media marketing, is the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to increase awareness of your brand, product or services. Social media marketing involves creating a targeted strategy that includes paid ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; posts; contests; influencer marketing; comment campaigns; personal branding through social media profiles that have been specifically built for this purpose.

Pros of Social Media Marketing

1. It’s a faster way to reach the target audience and increase sales.

In case, that you are going to launch a product or service, or in case of some event. Your need is to reach the targeted audience faster. In this case social media marketing is quite effective.

2. Social media marketing helps to strengthen your overall marketing strategy

There are many ways to market your product and services. Social media marketing provides a major boon in this, because you can target your audience more precisely compared to other marketing strategy.

3. It is cost-effective as you get what you pay for and more.

Social media is very cost effective method of marketing. You will know what you are getting for what amount and how successful ways your ad campaigns. This in turn save a lot of cost by helping you to spend money where you are getting the most benefit and gaining more customers.

Cons of Social media marketing

1. It can be capital-intensive.

Whether it be paid ads, comment campaign, contest or some other methods. Social Media marketing is capital intensive. The more people you want to reach the more money you would have to invest.

2. Not all prospect who engages with your ad will convert into customers

Social media marketing is fast way to convert prospects into customers but not all prospect who engage are turned into customers.

3. It work better in case of short duration

Social media marketing is good option when it is run for short duration. In long term the capital required doesn’t match the Return on investment, that you will receive.

Social Media Management vs Social Media Marketing

Social media management and Social media marketing is an effective way for organizations to establish a credible online presence.

With the right approach and plan, organizations can use both social media management and marketing to establish an intentional, credible presence online.

Social media management helps organizations build a strong online identity with consistent messaging across multiple channels and platforms. It also helps them measure their impact through analytics and other data-driven insights. It is right approach, if you want long term benefits.

Social media marketing is more focused on driving revenue by driving traffic to your website or targeted audiences.


Social media marketing and social media management are both great ways to reach your target audience, drive traffic to your site and increase sales, especially when used properly. Learning how they both work before using them is important. Outsourcing your social media needs to a reliable digital marketing company is a much easier way to get what you need without the whole hustle. You tell them what you need and they give you results.

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